This game is based on First Year Student Orientation. The purpose of the game is to make it around to all four campuses, answer each orientation leaders question and get back to the center of the game board with 20 credits or more before your opponent. The game can be played with two or more players, the maximum being four players individually or four teams. The game comes with two decks of cards that correlate with the labeled tiles on the board.  The first deck is titled "R U SCREW or NOT?" it will have a mixture of obstacles college students face on a daily basis or rewards such as going to class. The second deck is titled "R U TRIVIA," it will contain fun yet challenging trivia about Rutgers.

1. The game starts at the center of the game board. One must place the orientation leader cards on the appropriate campus center. After all players have picked their pieces and all have rolled the dice. The player with the highest die roll goes first.

2.   The first player then rolls again. After rolling a second time the player decides which route they want to take and moves ahead on the board.

3.   Each player starts with “0” credits and it is possible to earn negative amount of credits. * One can keep a tally of their credits on the TRANSCRIPT cards.

4.   The board will also have random green tiles that will either give you an additional .5 credits or you will lose .5 credits. These tiles will have plus and negative signs on them.

5.   The board will be filled with spaces that say the names of the two decks of cards, R U TRIVIA and R U SCREW or NOT? R U SCREW or NOT cards will have a plus or negative sign on them, one must roll again after receiving this card and if the card is positive, move up the amount of the roll. If the card is negative, move back the amount of the roll.

6.   With R U TRIVIA one must allow the person on the right of them to read the question to them and give one 30 seconds to answer. Once the question has been answered, the player whose turn it is must roll again, if they answered the question correctly, move up the number on the dice, if not one must move back the amount on the die.

7.   Once you get to each individual student center you must answer the question that is behind the Orientation Leader Card. If you cannot respond to the question your next turn will be skipped and you automatically only receive half of the amount of credits and required to move on to the other campuses.

8.   After the first player goes the second highest and so forth goes and repeats the same procedure; roll again, land on a tile and just have fun!

9.   Once the player or the team has made it around the board game to every campus center and has answered a question from every orientation leader they are required to return to the center of the board game, but not unless they have 20 or more credits. Whoever gets to the center of the board game with this requirement wins!!


TIPS: This game is intended for incoming  students to learn about Rutgers. One will not always be able to respond correctly to all of the trivia. However, the trivia was created to enhance one’s Rutgers knowledge.